Martial Arts Federation



Sports clubs are the collective members of MAF. Good partnership relations and healthy competition between the clubs are the driving forces that don’t allow us to be satisfied with what has already been achieved.

Club “Ronin”
Leading and the largest in number club of our federation, founded in 1996. Club President is Margarita Permiakova (4 Dan, SKIF), the winner of the World Cup and many international tournaments and the champion of Ukraine. She started training in 1979. Since 1981, after the prohibition of karate, she continued studying on her own through books and photographs. In 1988 she started teaching karate first at the amateur level for friends and acquaintances, and later in 1990, she opened the first section for all comers. In 1994 she got the 2nd Dan, in 1997 the 3rd Dan and in 2007 the 4th Dan from the masters from Japan H. Kanazawa and M. Murakami. Among the students of the club there are many trainers, students of universities, and people who have managed to succeed in different spheres of activity thanks to their characters and perseverance brought up and hardened in the gym.

Club “Busido”
The club is headed by Olena Bereziy (Master of Sports, 3 Dan, IKA), the prize-winner of the World Cup and the Champion of Ukraine. She has trained several winners of the World Cup, Champions of Ukraine and other international tournaments. In 2007, two of her students became the winners of the World Cup. She has also trained three students for the black belt, two of her students received the 2nd Dan and tree of them got the title of master of sports of Ukraine.

Club “Kansei”
Club “Kansei” was founded in 2000 р. At the moment the trainer of this club is Maria Bohach, who took up karate in 1997. In 2004 she got the 1st Dan, IKA and in 2007 the 2nd Dan. She is a multiple champion of Ukraine and Europe. In 2006 she got the title of master of sports of Ukraine. In the sports club “Kansei” boys and girls of all age groups are trained, some of them are multiple champions of L’viv region and prize-winners of Ukrainian Championships. Many of them have reached the level of the brown belt.

Club “Bagira”
Headed by Andriy Diakiv (3 Dan), the prize-winner of the Championship of Ukraine, the champion of L’viv region. He has trained several winners of the Ukrainian championship. Tamara Diakiv is an educational trainer, she trains the youngest members of the club.

Club “SKIF Dobrotvir”
Founded 01.08.1996 in the urban village of Dobrotvir and headed by Ihor Fedyna (4 Dan, SKIF), the teaching trainer of Karate-do style Shotokan. He was born 21.04.1967 in Dobrotvir and started studying karate relatively late, at the age of 23. In 1989 he got his first attainments from the student of L’viv Polytechnic Institute, who, in his turn, was trained by Y. M. Mukha. 26.01.1995 he continued his training under the supervision of Margarita Permiakova (4 Dan). In the same year he entered L’viv State Institute of Physical Training, the Department of martial arts. In December 1996, he began training under the direction of MAF President Sergei Buzeniuk. (5 Dan). He received his 1st Dan in March 1997. After two years of hard training, in March of 1999, he got his 2nd Dan. In June 2000, he graduated from L’viv State Institute of Physical Training. In March 2002 he got the job of teaching trainer in children sports school “Dobrotvir", in April 2002 he received his 3rd Dan and in 2007 – the 4th Dan. Currently, I. Fedyna is a deputy director and teaching trainer of Shotokan Karate-do, the owner of the 4th Dan at specialized youth school of Olympic reserve. Among his students there are the winners of international tournaments and many championships of Ukraine and the region. Four of his students continue their studies in L’viv University of Physical Training.

Club “Absolute”
The head of the club Volodymyr Pikhotskyi (2 Dan SKIF) has graduated from Ivano-Frankivsk College of Physical Training and L’viv State Institute of Physical Training. He familiarized himself with martial arts with the help of such trainers as V. Perets, O. Levytskyi, V. Poliatskyi. He improved his skill during the military service at the space centre in Baikonur where he was a member of reconnaissance and sabotage group. He has started his training career in 1986 being the instructor in the club “Budo” headed by V. Perets. After a long break in 2000, he founded the club “Bay” and collaborated with the federation “Chervonograd—Sokal” (headed by A. Horban). In 2004 the club “Bay” was renamed into the club “Absolute”. After entering MAF, the students of V. Pikhotskyi became the winners and prize-winners of the World Cup, international tournaments and the champions of Ukraine. Many of them own brown belts.

Club “Taiki”
Club “Taiki” was founded in 2007. The head and the trainer of the club is Valeriy Slobodianiuk, 1 Dan IKA.