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Martial Arts Federation (MAF)
is the most famous karate organization in Western Ukraine which has united skilled martial arts masters. Owing to their labour the athletes of federation have glorified L’viv region all over Ukraine and abroad in competitions and seminars of different levels.

MAF was founded in 1995. Sergey Buzeniuk, 5 Dan, the champion of the CIS, World Championship medallist and a multiple champion of Ukraine was elected its president.

MAF is a public organization whose primary objective is to promote a healthy and harmonious development of personality, able to fight with the difficulties of the future life. There are many sections and different styles of martial arts in MAF. Each student can choose an activity that most fully reveals his abilities and preferences. Taekwondo clubs offer for all comers training aimed at more footwork as well as participation in competitions of all levels, including the Olympic Games. For those who wish to focus on the applied aspect of martial arts there is a close fight, which applies not only striking, but also throwing techniques. Those who prefer more contact kinds of fight can engage in relatively new kind of Eastern combat – koshiki-karate. But for the vast majority of children who come to us, we have chosen Shotokan Karate-do, which is the most massive karate style in the world.

A characteristic feature of Shotokan style is the unity of the basic technology, real sparring and kata. The consecution of training the student consists of three equal parts: KIHON (basic techniques), KATA (formal exercises), and KUMITE (work with a partner). This results in equal techniques in all three sections. The students must consistently pass tests on the student's degree, studying KIHON and KATA, and affirming their skill in KUMITE competition.

During the existence of MAF, the number of children and adults who have attained certain skills of self-defence and reached the highest student’s degrees (1 – 3 Kyu) has exceeded 500 people. More than 40 people have obtained the master’s degrees (1 – 3 Dan). Our best athletes have become world champions, were the winners of the World Cups and Europe Cups, every year dozens of children and adults become the champions of Ukraine and winners of various international tournaments in Ukraine and beyond its borders. Worldwide experience confirms that those who have reached a certain success in karate, can also find their own successive way in life and become leaders in their spheres of activity.

Any child of school age can be absolutely sure that having a conscientious attitude to training he or she will get the highest students degrees (1 – 3 Kyu) after 5 - 6 years of training, and being 16 years old will be able to pass black belt exams and become a master of martial arts.

Our trainers who have common views on the development of karate and other martial arts, joined together in order to enhance their personal skill level, to disseminate and popularize the Shotokan Karate-do both in L’viv and throughout Ukraine. Sharing experiences and common program development have made our trainers real professionals. All of them have higher education, the majority - in the field of physical training. Every year the trainers of the federation upgrade their skills during the seminars under the guidance of experts from Japan – H. Kanazawa (10 Dan) and M. Murakami (6 Dan).

Most students who are engaged in MAF clubs are children from 6 to 14. That is why the methods of our training are aimed at ensuring that the student develops the habit of regular exercise, as well as the ability to overcome difficulties and be steadfast in all situations of life. Training process is becoming a lifestyle, which makes it possible to combine karate lessons with the intellectual and spiritual development of the child. Students who succeed in sport are, as a rule, good at school. This enables them to enter the best educational institutions of Ukraine. Black belt owners are given the advantages of joining the secondary and higher education institutions in Europe and America.

Everyone can go in for karate, regardless of his initial level of physical training. We believe that any principle of selection has a hidden injustice. Everyone should have a chance to learn karate, improve and become better.